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2019 Officiating Seminar

"I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Shihan Upton, Shihan Greg and Shihan Bill for the excellent Official's Seminar this past weekend at Holley Dojo.

Over 4 hours of extensive training in Open Kata, Open Point Fighting, Semi Contact and Knockdown Rules and Officiating...With over 40 students in attendance, a very powerful sharing from the many years of experience from all the Shihans.

Also special thanks to Sensei Artur for making the long trip from the New Jersey Dojo and also Andrew Fern from the Watertown, NY Dojo as well.

We also had some guest local outside dojo instructors as well and were well received by all.

The Seminar was also video taped for future reference by Tracie and Gary Johnson and will be shared at a later date to ALL DOJOS......

The Shihans will be following up with certification announcements and recognition as well.

Special thanks to Sensei Karl for hosting the event at his dojo.

Also to both Tracie and Gary Johnson for bringing their IT expertise to the USA-IFKK once again." - Shihan Mike Monaco

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