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Currently, there are no upcoming events. Please check back soon for more!

Recent Events

December 10, 2020 at 7:15 PM EST

USA-IFK Syllabus Curriculum Training with Sensei David Sheets

- Open to all IFK Dojos, students, or affiliates

November 21, 2020

USA-IFK "We Are One II" Virtual Kata Tournament

- Open Empty Hand Kata
- Open Weapons Kata
- IFK Black Belt Empty Hand Only Divisions Too

USA IFK Calendar  2018-2019 | pdf
January 25, 2020 Atlantic City, NJ
USA-IFK Battle on the Boardwalk II
October 19, 2019 Webster, NY
29th Annual Kyokushin American-International Knockdown Championships

This year’s event will be a “qualifier” for the upcoming “2020 IFK Kyokushin Americas Cup.  

Information and Registration

January 26, 2019, Atlantic City, NJ
USA-IFK Battle on the Boardwalk

October 20, 2018, Webster, NY
28th Annual Kyokushin American-International Knockdown Championships

This year’s event will be a “qualifier” for the upcoming “2019 Arnold’s Battle of Columbus.  Information

August 24-26, 2018, Toronto, Canada
IFK Canada Karate Camp

The IFK Canada Kyokushin Karate Seminar is open to all Kyokushin students from any organization. Train and test under 3 time World Champion Sensei Darren Stringer! Information 

Sept 13-16, 2018, Las Vegas, NV
Special Demonstration
June 9, 2018, Springfield, OH
Gathering Of Warrior, 
Spring Combative Seminar

105 N Tecumseh Rd, Springfield, OH.

8am-5pm, $50

May 18-20, 2018, Laval ( Quebec ) Canada
Fighting and Self Defense Clinic

Karate Laval will be hosting the first Fighting and Self Defense Clinic presented by two top 

Brazilian Instructors. Sensei Luiz Fietosa and Sensei Jeovaldo Barreto. Open to both children and adults. 

April 14th, Holley, NY
Free Seminar

with Sensei Karl and Columbus Fight Affiliate Instructors, Covering Kata/Bunkai, Jiujutsu, MMA Fighting and Trapping.  Information attached.


March 2-4, 2018, Ohio Expo Center

The Arnold Martial Arts Festival

US Kyokushin Karate IFK has been asked to perform a demonstration at this event. The Kyokushin Karate Demonstration Team will perform led by Shihan Mike Monaco.
Information and tickets

February 17, 2018

The Don't Be Denied Challenge

Fighters from USA and Canada competing against each other to unify North America. Fighter Registration deadline 12/1/2017. 

S&S Fitness Gym and Martial Arts Center, Hamlin, NY

More Information 


October 22, 2017, Sao Paulo - Brazil SA

IFK-Kyokushin Americas Tournament

South American Kyokushin Karate IFK Brazil Championship
Kata, kumite and Knockdown youth and adult


October 7th, 2017, Henrietta, NY

27th Annual American International Karate Championships

Point and Semi-Contact Fighting youth and adult. Kata Weapons and Breaking. 
For further information contact :   Shihan Mike Monaco  (585) 669-7680 or (585) 489-5797

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