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Kyokushin Symbols   極真表象


The Kanji 漢字 (Japanese characters) calligraphy, worn universally on the front of the Gi, is a stylized form of the characters for "Kyokushinkai", which is the name given by Sosai Mas Oyama to the karate style he created.  It is composed of three characters:

極  Kyoku  meaning "Ultimate"

真  Shin  meaning "Truth"

会  Kai  meaning "Association"



The symbol of Kyokushin Karate is the Kanku, which is derived from Kanku Dai kata, the Sky Gazing form.  In this kata, the hands are raised and the fingers meet to form an opening through which the sky is viewed.  The top and bottom points of the Kanku represent the first fingers of each hand touching at the top and the thumbs touching at the bottom, symbolizing the peaks or ultimate points.  The thick sections at the sides represent the wrists, symbolizing power.  The center circle represents the opening between the hands through which the sky is viewed, symbolizing infinite depth.  The whole Kanku is enclosed by a circle, symbolizing continuity and circular action.



The International Federation of Karate logo, worn at the top of the right sleeve of the Gi, has as its central symbol a rising wave, which is taken from Saiha Kata.  This wave symbolizes the fact that no matter how great an obstacle or problem you may encounter, with patience, determination and perseverance (Osu 押忍) you can rise above and overcome it.

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