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For inquires regarding Fighting Affiliation, please contact us through the contact form by clicking here. We also can make contact through email.

Fighting Affiliate   戦い加盟

Individuals and dojos from other martial arts styles that only wish to learn full-contact fighting techniques and compete in national and international tournaments can join the USA-IFKK as a Fighting Affiliate.

Benefits of Joining
  • Learn the World's Strongest Karate fighting techniques.

  • Learn or enhance your skills to fight full-contact, with or without pads.

  • Have opportunities to learn much more than fighting at USA-IFK clinics and seminars on kata, weapons, self-defense and much more.

  • Champion Fighters and/or Master Instructors teach each seminar, clinic or event.
    Road trip!  On occasion, if properly scheduled, have USA-IFKK Instructors come to your dojo.

  • Be part of a world-renowned International organization.

  • Compete with the USA-IFKK Fight Team at national events.

  • Have the chance to qualify for the USA-IFKK Fight Team and compete in international events.

  • We'll support you!  Are you having an event or seminar?  We'll be there to show our support and help when needed.

  • Receive a USA-IFKK Fighting Affiliate Certificate.

Scott Haug
Scott Haug
Scott Haug
Terms and Guidelines


Affiliate Dojo: $75 per Year
Affiliate Fighter - new: $20 per year
Affiliate Fighter - renew: $10 per year

Other Fees

Gi ( uniform ) - As a representative of the USA/IFK, you will be required to fight in a plain white gi with the Kyokushin Kanji on the front left chest whenever you compete in international tournaments as a representative of the USA-IFK Organization. When participating  in local or national tournaments you may wear your own organizations uniform. In addition, the gi will be required to have a USA/IFK patch AND USA Flag patch (standard to those presently being used ). These items can be purchased through the USA/IFK or may be purchased on your own AS LONG AS THEY MATCH our present team standards.


The USA-IFKK will offer seminars, clinics and tournaments yearly, which we would like you to support.  There may also be an additional cost for these events, depending on the instructor and curriculum. Conference calls are also done on a regular basis. our goal is to keep ALL schools updated AND united. Being a part of our organization means being part of our family. Communication is KEY!

Additional Funding Information

Affiliated schools/fighters will be required to help with fundraising for team events. Other potential costs may include team shirts, track suits, lodging & other travel expenses in which fundraising funds are limited. 

Rank and Uniforms

Once accepted, fighters with NO MARTIAL ARTS EXPERIENCE will be required to wear the following plain colored belts and the standard Kyokushin USA/IFK uniform to ALL tournaments in which they represent the USA/IFK.

Semi-Contact Fighters
  • Yellow belts for Novice divisions (1-2 tournaments' experience)

  • Green Belts for Intermediate divisions (3-5 tournaments' experience)

  • Brown Belts for Advanced divisions (6 or more tournaments' experience)

Knockdown Fighters
  • Will always wear Brown Belt (all fighters)


Fighters from other martial arts styles may wear their present belt rank, BUT IT MUST BE PLAIN WITH NO MARKINGS (stripes, insignias, embroidery, etc.).  Fighters will also be required to wear a Kyokushin USA/IFK uniform  to all tournaments in which they represent the USA-IFK.

Kyokushin Dojos may wear their present patches, belts, etc. to tournaments EXCEPT; 1) International events, 2) World tournaments or 3) Where the USA/IFK sponsors the fighter.

  • Rules, regulations, terms and conditions may change to this affiliation for the safety of the fighters and as opportunities arise to improve.

  • Fighting Affiliations may be cancelled at anytime, by either party.

How to Join

Download the Fighting Affiliation Application Forms.

Shihan Mike Monaco
Kyokushin Karate Fitness USA
482 Ridge Road West
Rochester, NY  14615
(585) 663-7680 | email

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