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2024 Start's Off with a BANG at 5th Annual United States International Kyokushin Championship

Osu! 2024 has got off to a great start for the USA-IFK Kyokushin on Saturday, January 27th with the 5th Annual United States International Kyokushin Championships! The tournament venue was the world famous Tropicana Hotel in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


It was an awesome day of competition and camaraderie and a great turnout with competitors coming from all over the United States and other countries. There were participants from 51 dojos, 22 organizations, 15 states plus Washington DC, and 7 countries including Aruba, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Mongolia, and Poland.


On behalf of USA-IFK President Shihan Mike Monaco (8th dan) and Chairman Shihan Sean Schenker (5th dan) we would like to thank all the competitors, spectators, along with the officials, staff, and members of our USA-IFK family for their support. No event of this magnitude happens without the help of those both in front of and behind the scenes. A big OSU to all of you! We also want to once again thank our special guest Shihan Ted Oyama! OSU!


5th Annual United States International Kyokushin Championships Knockdown Results

FK-01 Male Lightweight Division (-70kg)

1.     Jack Dunphy        USA IFK-Fighting Spirit Dojo

2.     Daymar Brown        USA        Zhang Sah Martial Arts

3.     Ramazan Isliamov  USA          Kyokushin Fight Club


FK-02 Male Middleweight Division (-80kg)

1.     Jack Sweeney           USA         IFK-S&S Fitness & Martial Arts

2.     Sebastian Bonislawski   USA   Kanku Dojo


FK-04 Male Super Heavyweight (+89kg) Division

1.     Jonathan Gonzalez   Costa Rica      IFK Martial Arts and Training Center

2.     Hannes Drechsler     Germany  IFK Germany

3.     Harun Abdur-Rahim  USA  IFK-Endicott Kyokushin Karate

4.     Andronov Vyacheslav USA Dallas Kyokushin Karate


FK-06 Female Heavyweight Division (+60kg)

1.     Audrey Bartholomay     USA    IFK-S&S Fitness & Martial Arts

2.     Alanna Olive-Smith   USA       Capital Kyokushin-Kan

3.     Jessica Krause                 Germany  IFK Germany


Female Lightweight Division

1.     Jessica Krause                 Germany  IFK Germany

2.     Lyric Schenker                 USA            IFK-Fighting Spirit Dojo


FK-08 Male Veterans Middleweight Division  (-85kg)

1.     Ociesielski Marek           USA              Seiken-Dojo

2.     Kevin Felix                    USA              James Dojo


FK-08A Male Seniors Middleweight Division (-85kg)

1.     Tomasz Puzon                 Poland  IKO Nakamura

2.     Luigi Fioravanti               USA       Central Florida Kyokushin


FK-09 Male Veterans Heavyweight +85 kilos

1.     Robert Grant                     USA       Forge Dojo

2.     Shemallian Arrieta           USA         Central Florida Kyokushin

3.     Jaroslaw Kurowicki           USA        Seiken-Dojo

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