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"Sending Our Best Wishes to Senpai Wojtek Arentewicz on His Relocation to Poland"

Updated: May 4

Senpai Wojtek Arentewicz (Right) training with Senpai McDarren Paschal (Left) under the watchful eye of IFK President Shihan David Picthall, during the 2022 USA-IFK Summer Camp.

Osu! USA-IFK President and Founder Shihan Mike Monaco, along with the entire USA-IFK Kyokushin organization would like to extend best wishes to Senpai Wojtek Arentewicz from the Great Lakes Kyokushin Dojo.


Senpai Wojtek is relocating to his home country of Poland. After reconnecting with his sweetheart during a visit to Poland last year the two decided to get married. We wish to congratulate them both and wish them great success as they move forward to the next chapter of their life. 


Shihan Monaco also wishes to recognize and say thank you for all the hard work and dedication Senpai Wojtek put into his dojo and students over his years here in the United States. They have all become great additions to our USA-IFK Family. Big OSU!!!


Senpai Wojtek will be missed but happily the dojo that he built will carry on. Great Lakes Kyokushin will continue to flourish with Shihan Jerry Poe, Senpai McDarren Paschal, and Senpai Veronica Williams assuming teaching duties. Osu!

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