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USA Attends the 6th IFK World Championships

The USA-IFK Attended the 6th IFK World Championships in Valencia, Spain held on June 4/5, 2022. The USA Team was constructed from Nine Fighters hand picked by head coaches Sensei Claibourne Henry and Sensei Kamil Maras.

USA Team:

Sensei Zelda Gay

Sempai Reggie Gold

Sempai Tuari Schenker

Lisbet Person

Demetrios Parpasenos

Sofia Parpasenos

Lyric Schenker

Jack Dunphy

Caitlin Anderson

All Fighters fought strong battles and Lyric Schenker finished 3rd in the U16 -55Kg Category as the first female in USA-IFK History to place at a IFK World Tournament

All Fighters will continue to train as they prepare themselves for American/Canadian Competition this fall

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