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Special Announcement

This year’s 28th Annual “Kyokushin American International Karate Championships" scheduled for Saturday, October 20th, 2018 will be a “QUALIFIER” for the upcoming “2019 Arnold’s Battle of Columbus” which will feature the “First  IFK Kyokushin Americas Cup” scheduled March 8th – 10th , 2019 in Columbus Ohio. Winners in Novice and Advanced Knockdown Divisions and Select Semi-Contact Divisions will receive special “Seeding” for the 2019 Arnold’s Battle of Columbus.

Our tournament will once again be open to all styles and organizations. Divisions include: Kata (Empty Hand), Weapons, New Point Fighting Division, Semi-Full Contact and Novice & Advanced Knockdown Fighting in addition to Breaking.

This year we celebrate 28 consecutive years of Martial Arts Spirit and Competition.

Stay tuned for more details and on-line registration.

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